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I am sorry to tell you that the NITMIX store is now closed.

Two years ago Google demoted the NITMIX website from the front page of it's results and penalised us particularly for the phrase "head lice treatment" by all accounts we where apparently "over optimised" for the one thing that NITMIX specialises in, head lice treatment! Go figure?
This hit us particularly hard and it is now no longer financially via to run an online store serving customers all over the world.
Dealing with Google has always been difficult but now it is simply too time consuming, too opaque and too fickle, life is too short to deal with Google and it's insatitiable self interest and greed.
Good luck to you all and remember, the good stuff is no longer any where near the top of the search results in Google.


Please don't make treating head lice complicated, it isn't. Let us tell you why.

Do the following things sound familiar to you?

It doesn't have to be like this. Treating head lice is just a new skill you need to acquire and we can help you to do that

" I can't believe that after all the head lice treatments I used, and the embarrassment I felt of my 4yr old daughter having head lice for 3mths. I looked on the internet under 'head lice treatments' and came across your page.

I must admit your natural head lice treatment sounded to good to be true but being at my wits end and just didn't know what else to do I tried it, with the money back guarantee 'what did I have to lose' . IT WORKED!! I can't believe my child is clear of this problem, after having this for what seemed like a lifetime.

The oil was exactly what you said - 'your child will love this bit' - no pulling or yanking GREAT!! Just had to write to you to thank you, I just wish I knew about this sooner it would have saved me and my husband a lot of money and worry. "
Gratefully , Mrs Hall, Northumberland, England

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Good Reasons To Use NITMIX.

Our Zero Risk Promise to you.

"Defeat Head lice Permanently, With No Tears or Tantrums,
Within 14 Days" 100% Money-Back Guarantee"
I must admit I was dubious myself with ordering over the internet but after reading a few comments from other parents I was convinced and decided to go for it -- The best decision I ever made in my life !

After my experience with Nitmix I will never use anything else now.

Yours gratefully,
Lynn Wilding (Mother of 2 and Still Smiling.)

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Beating head lice is not about finding some wonder product that will magic head lice away. It's about seeing the problem clearly and learning how to do things that are effective. Once you have discovered these secrets you will see head lice for what they really are, just a few harmless little critters.

Here are just a few customers who have found their way to success:

This stuff is amazing! Thank you, Thank you! I would like to know if it's possible to get some of the information packets, or possibly make copies of the one I received, to hand out to the parents of the kids at my daughter's daycare. Again, Thank you. "
Amy P, Denton, TX.

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Having failed with so many or should I say most of the leading products, I am over the moon that your product worked, and my daughter has managed to stay clear for a couple of months. I have recommended your product to other mother's in my children's class. Many many thanks.
Ilana M, Middlesex, England

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"You have been so helpful and suportive throughout this ordeal. I only wish I would have found out about this product from the start. I would have saved myself countless hours of unnecessary work and sleepless nights. Things look better than ever. I had one egg last night, my one daughter had one, and my other daughter had none! "
Shelly F, Illinois, USA.

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 and just a few more too....

"I hope I am using the correct email address, but I just want to say that i have been using nitmix for just under one year and this is now my second purchase (just ran out of the other!!) I think that NITMIX is absolutely fantastic. My daughter used to suffer terribly from head lice but now, thanks to NITMIX, she is 'scratch free!!'. Thanks very much."
Petra R, Oxford, England.

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"Dear Mr.Owen, We have received our products and are VERY, VERY, happy with the results!!!! I had tried the products on the market with all the chemicals(did NOT work by the way!!!). Then was afraid to keep using those and we had even tried vaseline and mayonnaise!!! My kids thought I had lost my mind!!! Thank you so very much for helping us to end our nightmare!! Also thank you for your understanding."
Darla R. Moore, Via PAYAPL.

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"The packs arrived and we went to work right away. Wow! I found a lot more in there than what the eye could see. The almond oil we were using sure put a dent in them but with your oil and NITMIX it seemed like a million nits and more bugs just came pouring out.

The school checked my daughters hair yesterday before the NITMIX arrived and didn't find anything, remember I hadn't used your NITMIX yet only the almond oil, and the school nurse didn't find anything, however today I used your NITMIX and found a bunch that the eye couldn't see.

Again I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, I am going to keep the process up and once and for all beat the HEAD LICE TRAUMA!!!!! Thank you John a million good wishes to you and yours".
Thomas Mauer, Indiana, USA.

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Tess R, Connecticut

"Thanks!!!!! Since I have started using your product almost 2 years ago, things have been GREAT! I am so thankful I have found you. You saved a frantic mother!! Thanks again!!"
Kimberly, Ballston Spa, NY.

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Right! Are you ready to end the head lice curse?

If you currently have a problem with head lice go to Treating Lice and get started NOW!

If you want to set up your prevention regime go to Preventing Lice and start your program today

Remember, keep it simple.


John Owen - nitmix

John Owen

P.S You can e-mail us along the way for advice and support. There are often little doubts or questions that spring up in your mind, just shoot them through to us and we will respond. Even if you haven't ordered from us we will always try to answer your questions if we can.

P.P.S Please let us know about your head lice experiences, there are always lessons to learn.

P.P.P.S. Our business ethics are simple; if we don't help you get rid of your head lice we will refund your money. That's not as brash as it sounds: in fifteen years, we've rarely met a case of headlice we couldn't solve quickly, gently and completely. Want that in writing? See our Terms & Conditions page.


Head Lice Treatment

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